India’s Attitude Raises Concern

The situation in the Maldives as an outcome of the Supreme Court ruling ordering the release of 9 convicts sentenced to jail for various heinous crimes such as terrorism and attempts to assassinate the President which also happens to be the oppositions top politicians created a political chaos in the Maldives unlike any other.

This matter might be an internal matter for the Indian ocean as a whole but in this time of chaos and turmoil, India’s actions probe a thought.

Indian media was quick to put out a word that the Indian security forces are already in place, set and ready for an intervention which aims to dissolve a riot which in their minds might be the resolve the Maldivians hope to find. Aligning themselves with the ideology and the action strategy of the opposition, India has surprisingly disregarded the official requests and the statements by the Government of the Maldives.

India’s interests might not be the political situation itself, but the Diplomatic moves made by the Maldives from some time ago. Last December, the Maldivian government signed a Free Trade Agreement with China which wasn’t taken lightly by the Indians. This move which was a rather profitable move for the development of the island nation was assumed to be an Anti-India and Pro-China initiative by some commentators of the Indian media.

President Yameen’s Administration being open to any friendly international partners has a quite strong bond with the Chinese, but it is most certainly not Anti-Indian. The Maldives hopes to develop equally strong ties with the two. Maldivian Ambassador to India, Ahmed Mohamed, reaffirmed his country’s commitment to the “India First Policy” on multiple occasions but even then, the Maldivian Government is concerned about India’s attitude in the matter especially after the first steps taken, without concerns for international law or scruples.

India wanting to create tighter bonds with the Maldives has definitely chosen the wrong approach in this case. If India wanted the Maldives to truly put India first, the best alternative for the Indians must be the economical approach on which the Maldives-China bond is mainly based on. The Maldives Demand no security, political or security demands to China which means the Maldivian government does not owe the Chinese anything other than the economic obligations. Indians being aggressive towards the current situation will create nothing but friction between the two countries.

As a small island nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is obliged to find the best alternatives in the economic arena with the purest of aims to create a better livelihood and a better future for its citizens. This, even though taken in different perspectives is not a move against India and it is best that the Indian Government along with the Indian media consider coming down off their high horses to really negotiate and Aid in the resolution of this situation the way Maldivians want it and not in their terms.