Maldivians Rally Behind President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom

Thousands of Maldivians sharing mutual support for President Yameen has taken part in the “Mage Dheenaa Mage Gaumaa” rally organized by the ruling party PPM.

People of the Maldives from all over the world came out on the streets, expressing their support and solidarity to the Government of the Maldives and President Yameen in this time of chaos and political crisis. Members of Parliament along with High-level Government officials also took part in the rallies held in the Youth City. The people assembled in specific areas of each island with signs and boards with words of praise and support written on them. The citizens were also given the chance to express their opinions live on TV during the rallies.

The peace-loving people of the Maldives have proven today that they will not live in fear because of a political crisis. The people have assured the whole world that Maldivians will not bow down so easily and that they will not let a handful of people jeopardize the national Development and the Stability that has been brought by the Maldivian Government under President Yameen’s Administration.

There have been various reports in the international media smearing the Maldives as a place where the people live in fear, but the truth, however, is far apart. Seeing the number of people who came out today rallying behind President Yameen most certainly disproved these made-up stories.