No Reason to Intervene in the Maldives, says UN

The United Nation’s Security council after having a discreet meeting to discuss the situation of Maldives has decided that the situation of the Maldives does not require the intervention of the UN or any other foreign country.

The Department of Political Affairs presented the issue of the Maldives’ situation to the security council where the United States and the United Kingdom pursued their pro-intervention claims. However, other Members of the Security council including China and Russia strongly opposed the motion. The United Nation Security Council has decided to not release any statements or put on any sanctions on the Maldives.

It is the opinion of most that the Political crisis in the Maldives purely requires an internal resolve and that no direct intervention is required. However, it is crucial that the international community stand ready to assist the Maldivian Government if need be.

In this regard China has urged all countries not to intervene or meddle in the internal affairs of the Maldives and not to do anything that might affect the sovereignty of the Island Nation.

Special envoys from the President of Maldives are already visiting friendly nations providing up to date assessments of the situation and assurances by the Government that the Maldives is on the road to recovery.