China Rebuffs Allegations Made by Mohamed Nasheed

China has denied all allegations made by Former President Mohamed Nasheed.

In a statement released by the Chinese embassy in India, Spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Ji Rong refuted all the false remarks by the Former President Mohamed Nasheed.

“Recently, Nasheed pointed fingers at the practical cooperation between China and Maldives and alleged that China engaged in so-called “land grabbing” of Maldivian islands, which undermines the security of the Indian Ocean region. These allegations are apparently groundless with no regard to facts.”

The statement said.

Chinese embassy highlighted that even in the past China has conducted mega projects in the Maldives and has aided in the development that has been brought. It was also stated in the release that even when Nasheed was the president, China and Maldives have already launched relevant cooperation projects and that the “land grabbing” allegation by Nasheed is apparently meant to serve certain political purposes of him.

“We believe the Maldivian government and people have the wisdom and ability to properly handle the problems they face and restore order in the country according to law.”

Chinese embassy assures.

China has affirmed that they stand by the opinion that the current situation in the Maldives is the internal affairs of Maldives and should be properly resolved through dialogue and negotiation by various parties in the country.