EU Would Not Take Any Action Against Maldives – Ambassador Shiaan

Maldivian Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the European Union, Ahmed Shiaan has denied the rumours that EU will soon take action against the Government and its key leaders.

Ambassador Shiaan assured that the EU and Maldives share a close and cordial relationship and affirmed that this bond remains strong.

Ambassador Shiaan commenting on the recent statement issued by the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union explained that their objective is to encourage the Maldives to resolve the current political crisis quickly and smoothly. The EU in their statement also highlighted that they stand ready to assist the Maldives and facilitate political dialogue between political parties.

Mr Shiaan also noted that the European Union would not deviate from its non-intervention policy and assured that the EU would not interfere in the internal politics of a sovereign country. The EU has always urged the Maldives to solve its matters through all-inclusive dialogue.

Ambassador Shiaan concluded by saying that Maldives Government is fully capable of resolving its problems and has reiterated its call for all-party talks.