Ex-Home minister Withdraws his candidacy from PE 2018

Umaru Naseer, a former home minister and fierce political figure has officially announced his withdrawal from the Presidential Elections 2018.

Umar Naseer issued a statement confirming that he will not be running in the presidential race this year due to exigent circumstances.

Umar highlighted that it is his opinion as of now that 2018 PE is not the right time and place to run for the presidency despite the strong efforts by him in recent times.

Umar was known for his to-the-point directives and strict policy vows which were a little bit too harsh for the Maldivian citizens as they have already refused to grant him even one-fourth of votes the last time he ran.

Umar has been striving toward the goal of becoming president for the past ten years and aparently, still has a long way to go.